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Fleet care

At Victoria Body Works, we understand how important your fleet vehicles are to the smooth running of your business. That's why we offer priority servicing and a quick turnaround on all fleet vehicles.


We are highly experienced at working with fleet cars, and are the recommended city repairer for Innovation/Sureplan Fleet Management. Fleets we manage include:


  • Lease Plan
  • Toyota Fleet Management
  • Summit
  • Smart Fleet
  • Coles Ltd
  • ANMF
  • Catholic Care

As an experienced repairer of fleet vehicles, we have experience in dealing with accident and collision management companies and multiple departments. Our attention to detail and level of care remains the same - whether your fleet has two cars or twenty, at Victoria Body Works we'll treat it as if it were our own.


If your fleet car has been in an accident, come to the fleet repair specialists. Find out more about our specific services on our services page, or contact us for details.